SAN: short for storage area network, SAN is a high-speed network of storage devices that also connects those storage devices with servers. It provides block-level storage that can be accessed by the applications running on any networked servers. SAN storage devices can include tape libraries and disk-based devices, like RAID hardware.

The main functions of a storage area network (SAN) includes the following:

  • A high-speed network of storage devices.
  • Connects the storage devices with servers.
  • Can be accessed by applications on networked servers.
  • Particularly helpful in backup and disaster recovery.
  • Uses networking protocols to span longer distances geographically.
  • SAN can also simplify some management tasks.
  • Offers flexibility, availability and performance.

SAN commonly utilizes Fiber Channel interconnections,  and include databases, server clustering, messaging applications, and high I/O, transaction-intensive apps.

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