IonCube loader is on of the most used PHP encoding solutions. There are times you want to protect or license your code, or even run an already encoded script from a third party developer on your applications.

IonCube provides two distinct tools. The Encoder that allows you to encode your code into bytecode and the Loader, which handles execution of such encoded files. The Encoder is a a paid service and you can find more information on IonCube's Encoder website.

Please keep in mind that PHP 7.x is not fully supported yet. However, you can use IonCube with PHP 7.0 but only files with PHP 5.6 code will be encoded. Earlier versions of PHP down to version 5.3 are fully supported.

In order to activate the IonCube Loader, which will allow you to run encoded scripts, you first need to install it from the Marketplace. Once this is done, you can pick your preferred PHP environment and select the AddOns button on your application server (Apache or NGINX).


You can read a complete step-by-step guide here:

Running Encoded PHP Scripts with ionCube Loader

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