Today we announced a launch of our new product version named Jelastic Yoda 4.9.5. The release is targeted on polishing of the already available features and fixing the bugs reported by customers.

“During the previous year we launched eight releases adding new functionality to the Jelastic platform. So that was important to deeply review the feedback of customers and the performance results of the delivered features. As a result, we start this year with incremental enhancements that improve the end users experience,” said Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic CEO and co-founder.

In this release there were fixed 167 bugs, also added a set of improvements in UI and API, increased data storage and DNS lookups performance, upgraded the versions of stacks, OS and engines.Jelastic Yoda release

“The team at Jelastic are always innovating and releasing ground-breaking features to their superior cloud platform. They pay extra attention to the feedback from their customers and collaborate closely with their partners. In this new release, Jelastic have listened and acted accordingly by addressing reported bugs, increasing storage performance and a slew of new additions that will without doubt enhance the platform and the satisfaction of our clients,” said Anton Resnick, CEO. “We are beyond excited to introduce Jelastic Yoda 4.9.5 to our customers.”

Also this Jelastic version includes but not limited to the following new features:

  • Tomcat 9 Support as a Certified Container The latest release of the Apache Tomcat application server is currently in the alpha stage and includes a lot of changes and bug fixes (see the official changelog for details). Among the most notable improvements, it runs only Java 8 engine, implements Servlet 4.0 version and utilizes the latest Java specifications.
  • Ubuntu Support for Elastic VPS The newly added Jelastic-certified Ubuntu 16.04 template allows users to get all the functionality of the isolated VPS enhanced with the Ubuntu Linux distribution capabilities.

More details about the main features, improvements and fixed bugs of Jelastic 4.9.5 can be found in Release Notes. You can try Jelastic Yoda for free on our jelastic cloud.

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