Jelastic Cloudlet, Dynamic Cloudlet, Reserved Cloudlet
Being highly granular, it allows to accurately determine the required capacity for each server in environment, which ensures the truly fair usage-based pricing so you do not overpay for the unused resources.


Note that in contrast to RAM consumption (with MiB=1024 KiB unit).

Reserved Cloudlets

You can also configure Reserved Cloudlets for your servers to estimate the resource usage in advance.

You always pay for Reserved Cloudlets (even if your actual resource usage is lower) – but in exchange you get up to 30% discount compared to Dynamic Cloudlets.

It is not recommended to set all of your servers to only use Reserved Cloudlets since you lose the benefits of automatic scaling if you do that

It is recommended to use Reserved Cloudlets for your typical usage (to pay the minimum price) combined with the powerful automatic scaling provided by Dynamic Cloudlets to handle your unexpected peaks in demand.

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