Application Delivery Network

Web applications deal with information generated from a database or they are driven by user interaction. The dynamic nature of this type of content makes caching impractical, since an asset previously generated by a web application would never be requested again.

A major tool in the arsenal of a CDN is to cache assets close to the clients that are requesting it and thereby bypassing the data retrieval from an origin server for subsequent requests. Since caching is impractical for web applications, they cannot take full advantage of the capabilities provided by our CDN. It is in this type of environment where Application Delivery Network (ADN) excels.  
Although dynamic content cannot be effectively cached, ADN finds other ways through which to speed up data delivery to your clients. It is able to drastically reduce the amount of time that it takes to communicate with the origin server by optimizing each of the following items:

Network path,  Server communication, RFC-compliant protocol communication.

The above optimizations allow our dedicated servers to transmit dynamic data at a much faster rate than traditional Internet data routes or even our CDN service can accomplish.

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